Deep Field Capital is a Switzerland-based purely systematic asset manager focusing on fully automated quantitative trading in liquid futures markets, across multiple time frames and all asset classes.

Our ideas originate from the long term experience as independent proprietary traders. The team has been working together for many years, dating back to the year 2000 with the establishment of our former proprietary trading company in Switzerland. Starting as discretionary traders, we first developed systematic strategies based on simple, sometimes trivial trading rules to support our directional discretionary trading. Over time our intensive research and rigorous live testing and trading with our own assets led to more complex systematic models and to today's stand-alone purely systematic systems.

We are currently developing a new website.

For immediate information on the company, team and our programs please contact:

Deep Field Capital AG
Baarerstrasse 125, 6300 Zug, Switzerland
+41 41 511 5588


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